Men & Women's Health

Men Health


There are health conditions that only affect men, such as prostate cancer and low testosterone.

Many of the major health risks that men face - like colon cancer or heart disease - can be prevented and treated with early diagnosis.

Screening tests can identify diseases early when they are easier to treat. It's important to get the screening tests you need.

​​​The following are the common conditions that affect men.

  • Andropause (male menopause)

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Hair Loss Medication

  • Prostate care

  • Urinary Problems

  • Sexual Enhancement

  • STD Protection & HIV Screening


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Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone that plays a vital role in the development and well-being
of men. It regulates a plethora of process in the male body. Generally, level of testosterone in men gradually drop after age 30 at about 1 percent a year.


When testosterone levels drop below levels that are considered healthy, several health conditions will ensue, such as hypogonadism or infertility.


In addition to that, low testosterone might cause:

- Sexual dysfunction
- Emotional changes
- Lack of energy, easily tired
- Depression

If you are currently experiencing these symptoms, do consult our doctor for a thorough test and confirm
if treatment is required.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man is unable to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It is also known as impotence, although nowadays it is used less often.

You may have ED if you are currently experiencing these:

- Having troubles getting an erection
- Troubles maintaining an erection when engaging in sexual activities
- Reduced sexual desire

Patients are advised to consult our doctors at Etern Medical for a thorough test and determine the
best course of treatment for you to alleviate your problems of erectile dysfunction.

Premature Ejaculation

Hair Loss

In men, the common cause of hair loss is alopecia androgenetic, also known as male pattern hair loss/


It is caused by the male sex hormone called androgens, specifically dihydrotestosterone. (DHT).

DHT is thought to cause hair follicles to miniaturize and therefore this contributes to what cause male pattern hair loss.

For treatment, medications such as Finasteride will help slow hair loss by
blocking the production of the male hormone responsible for your male pattern hair loss.

If you suspect that you have a hair loss problem, do consult our doctor early to seek early detection and treatment. 

Premature ejaculation happens when a man ejaculates sooner than usual during sexual intercourse.
It is a common sexual frustration that men would often lament about. It is estimated that every 1 out of 3 men have experienced this problem at some time.

You might be diagnosed with premature ejaculation if you:

- Often or always ejaculate within one minute of penetration
- Are unable to prolong ejaculation during sexual intercourse often or all the time
- Feel frustrated or distraught due to your ejaculation problem and as a result would rather avoid
sexual intimacy altogether


Although this is an affliction that many men feel embarrassed about discussing with their doctors, do
not let that stop you from seeking treatment. Our clinic will make your appointment a private and
confidential one. Our doctors will work together with you on the best treatment approach to help
your problem.

Women Health

Women’s Health is a multifaceted area that is often understated. 

Knowing women’s general health fact will help you understand your health better. 


Certain health issues that affect the women greatly are listed as follows:

  • Contraception and Family Planning

  • Hair loss

  • Heart disease

  • Menopause diagnosis & problems

  • Menstrual Disorder

  • Pap Smear

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease

  • Stress Anxiety

  • Urinary Problems

  • Women health screening

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Having family planning and preventing unwanted pregnancy is extremely paramount.

Contraception is currently available in many forms:

- Oral tablets and skin patches
-  Intramuscular Injections
- Intra-uterine devices (IUD)

Do consult our doctors to find out what type of contraception is best suitable for you.


Menopause is a natural part of aging that occurs usually between 45 and 55 years of age, as oestrogen levels decline.

During menopause, most women will experience some menopausal symptoms such as:

- Hot flushes
- Night sweats
- Mood changes
- Vaginal dryness
- Insomnia

Patients are advised to consult our doctor if you have experienced menopausal symptoms that are
troubling you.

Menstrual Disorders

Menstrual Disorders are problems pertinent to a woman’s normal menstrual cycle. It can disrupt a woman’s daily life and also affect her ability to become pregnant. It includes any changes in the flow, pattern or timing of your menstrual cycle.

Types of Menstrual Disorders include:

- Premenstrual Syndrome
- Heavy Periods (Menorrhagia)
- Absent Periods (Amenorrhea)
- Painful Periods (Dysmenorrhea)

A pap smear is a screening procedure for cervical cancer. In Singapore, cervical cancer is one of the most common cancer that affects women.


Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a virus that increases the chance of cervical cancer.


Someone with HPV may be at an increased risk of developing cervical cancer. It is advised that every sexually active female above the age of 21 to undergo pap smear
screening every three years.

Do consult our doctor if you suspect that you are suffering from it so that abnormalities can be detected early and treatment can be given in a timely manner.

Pap Smear

Our clinic is able to render the above services to all the men and women in different age groups.

Our doctors are trained to deal with all the complex issues in a professional manner.