Patient Compliments

The following were some of our patient special compliments retrieved from customer survey at our individual clinic.


Find out what our patients think about our team!

What kind of research do you do?

We mostly focus on primary market research that involves directly getting information from people with a specialty on digital surveys. Our market research & industry experts design surveys with the objective to get actionable action.

How do you find your respondents?

We use various ways to find respondents, our method might change based on the market and target the research is performed. Our methods include using the specific targeting that offers several advertisement platforms, physical media, on the ground methods, and geofencing data. For a high targeted profile, we also require specific documents and proof notably for focus groups.

Where can you perform market research?

We can perform market research on almost every country in the world with expertise in the Asian and African markets. We might be limited to some small cities where there is a very low digitalization. Please reach us directly if you want to know more about our capacity on a specific localization.

How much does cost a research?

Our research services start from $990, you can find a simulator and more information on our pricing page: Here If you are a student, startups, and non-profit organizations you will also benefit a special discount on our services.

Do you pay your respondents?

No, we do not give any monetary incentive as we below it might create professional surveyors as well as bias answers. However, we use various incentives as dedicated products/services which are adapted to the targeted audiences of the surveyor or with no incentives at all.