Patient Compliments

At Etern Medical, we strive to provide a quality service and patient care to all our patients.


Here are some compliments recieved from our patient at different branches.

The Seletar Mall



Dr Saifuz was very attentive and caring. He was really concerned on my state.
05/03/2018 09:28:52

Regular customer. Dr Lew is good.
11/03/2018 10:31:56

Has always enjoyed consultancy from Dr Saifuz. Extremely detailed, friendly and knowledgeable.
08/05/2018 09:06:00

Dr Saifuz is super friendly and caring :)
08/05/2018 12:55:12

I salute the doctor who checked with me. He’s really approachable and caring. Thank you very much. God bless you!
30/05/2018 17:02:54

I found Dr Lye Tin Fong a very good doctor in regard to his behaviour towards the very happy visiting him today.
23/06/2018 21:03:18

Doctor Lye tin Fong is very detail.
21/07/2018 20:10:45

Dr Kwong is well trained, knowledgeable & cares for his patients. He educates his patients and his consultation is always insightful!
02/08/2018 14:57:11

I really like Dr. Kwong. He’s very friendly and I can see that he’s very concern with his patient’s wellness. Thanks doctor. Really appreciate your help.
10/08/2018 14:34:45

Dr. Lew knows his profession. Excellent.
25/08/2018 15:07:27


Very nice and friendly nurse. Would like to say thank you to them and god bless.
15/01/2018 09:58:27

I’m very thankful. Nurse Adeline helped me with my wound. They’ve taken very good care of me. Thank you so much!
05/03/2018 09:28:52

Very caring and shows genuine concern for her patients.
23/03/2018 09:38:44

I always return because of the excellent service and medical care. Highly recommended!
31/03/2018 19:26:48

Adel and staffs all very professional.
07/04/2018 11:00:16

Mabel and Agnes ~ both very helpful and attentive.
10/06/2018 20:41:56

Cheers to nurse Mabel for her great service and knowledgeable friendly staff.
24/06/2018 11:06:21

Dr Lye, Shu Yuan, Jovel and Siti are all very polite and friendly.
21/07/2018 21:27:08

Marlene was very helpful and reassuring.
06/08/2018 10:49:37

Staff Mei Fang & Mabel are good, and Dr Tan is TLC
12/08/2018 20:14:58


Punggol MRT

affection-appreciation-art-424517 (1).jp


Best doctor in Punggol. Best clinic with courteous staff.
08/01/2018 16:42:20

Best clinic in Punggol. Highly recommended. Dr Lam is very kid friendly.

Thank you.
15/01/2018 16:05:21

Doctor is too good and friendly.
16/01/2018 14:52:51

This is the best doctor I saw, thank you very much. I am also going to post this clinic that you help us, thank you.
22/01/2018 21:15:38

Doctor Lye and nurses of Etern are awesome.
12/02/2018 21:05:17

Very professional doctor.
14/02/2018 14:49:47

Good service and good doctor.
28/02/2018 15:19:43

Dr Lam is very detailed.
18/03/2018 09:10:18

The doctor is very friendly and so are the nurses. Great service!
28/03/2018 10:03:33

Dr Kwong is friendly and detailed in diagnosis.
20/04/2018 21:12:06

Doctor Lam is knowledgeable and very detailed and concern about my condition and gave clear explanations. Nurses at counter are friendly and efficient. GOOD JOB.
26/04/2018 09:27:39

Best clinic in the neighbourhood.
12/06/2018 14:12:04

Good Explanation. Dr lam is very concerning and thoughtful.

09/08/2018 10:39:38

The doctor is very reassuring.

1/1/2019 10:31:08

Doctor is friendly and detailed in explanation.

1/23/2019 12:41:39

Dr Locum is very accommodating and professional. Thank you.

1/31/2019 20:21:50

Good doctor and good service very fast.

2/1/2019 10:46:27

Consultation was very thorough and waiting time was good.

2/13/2019 19:58:48

Thanks Dr Lam!

2/15/2019 11:02:28

Dr Lam is very kind

2/21/2019 15:18:20

Very detailed and friendly doctor

3/5/2019 12:56:22

Dr is very patient and kind! Hope to see him again!

3/15/2019 20:27:03

Locum doctor very detailed and friendly. Keep it up!

3/20/2019 19:43:30

Very good and emphatic doctor. Thank you.

3/28/2019 14:34:58

Dr Tan is very friendly and professional

4/12/2019 16:49:15

Locum doctor very nice

4/24/2019 20:51:22


Doctor is very polite

4/29/2019 12:44:22


Dr. Lam is very professional n caring doctor. Thanks Doc.

5/14/2019 16:17:35


Good service every visit.
16/01/2018 10:46:44

Keep up the great work, thanks.
15/03/2018 11:30:42

Awesome team.
17/03/2018 11:27:47

Good staff and superb doctor.
26/03/2018 20:59:52

Gina, Ying Ying and Rina are very caring. They are efficient and know the work very well. Keep up the great work.
27/03/2018 09:12:03

Feel comfortable with friendly doctor & nurses…
11/04/2018 19:59:38

Doctor & nurses are very caring & helpful. I really appreciate their kind help...
16/04/2018 16:21:14

Dr Lam is really detailed and professional. Denise and Gina are very diligent and patient.
06/05/2018 10:53:29

Thanks for great support. Appreciate the patience and courtesy of doctor and staff.
17/05/2018 13:38:11

Moon and Rina are very helpful and detailed with the explanation.
04/06/2018 08:54:06

11/07/2018 14:53:26

Nurse Ying Ying is very friendly and looks cheerful. Give her 10 likes.
22/08/2018 11:23:59

Friendly & Courteous. Thanks for wonderful service.

28/08/2018 15:49:13

Very Detailed. 

Etern will always be my choice, Nice doctor n staffs

10/09/2018 19:26:51

Thank you rina

2/25/2019 20:26:28

Nurses and doctor are both cheerful in serving patients

3/6/2019 12:20:33

Cindy and Samantha and Gina are excellent in their explanation. Great attitude and wonderful service.

3/17/2019 11:53:00

Doctor is Very detailed. The lady who drew my blood was very skilful and I

don't feel any pain at all.

4/15/2019 20:10:07

The nurse will try to double check the medicine! Good!

5/1/2019 10:30:08

I was served by Ms Gina. Keep up the good work and great smile. Thumb up.

5/2/2019 19:03:01

A very friendly service.

5/14/2019 21:42:04

Friendly clinic

5/15/2019 10:41:21

Good service. Like it

5/20/2019 15:42:57

Fast & Efficient

5/21/2019 21:03:05

Friendly & Courteous

5/22/2019 19:54:17

Good Service

5/24/2019 19:26:06

Fernvale Palm



Very quick and responsive service.
03/01/2018 09:15:15

Dr Lye was extremely detailed in his diagnosis and recommendations.
05/01/2018 13:02:45

The doctor is very friendly and detailed.
08/01/2018 21:24:56

Very professional.
21/02/2018 10:48:02

Has been seeing doctors from Etern. Very family orientated. Thank you and keep up the good spirit.
22/02/2018 21:04:40

Thanks for educating me on prevention & daily healthy diet & habits
23/03/2018 11:54:46

Excellent caring.
11/05/2018 18:57:09

Good service serves by Dr Lye Tin Fong and the nurses. Especially doctor Lye.
25/05/2018 09:52:23

The doctor and staff here are so helpful and friendly.
25/05/2018 11:42:43

The doctor was very patient and thorough.
24/08/2018 11:16:24


The best clinic in SG!!
28/02/2018 09:12:30

Good service. Short waiting time.
28/02/2018 18:39:40

Nurses are very kind... well done…
02/03/2018 20:50:17

Staff were very polite & helpful.
10/04/2018 18:50:14

Very informative and friendly.
18/05/2018 20:09:42

Very well run clinic caring doctor and staff.
31/05/2018 08:56:22

Great service and friendly staff. Thanks nurse Agnes.
11/07/2018 09:48:06

Lovely nurse serves with smile.
11/07/2018 20:05:06

Very polite.
31/07/2018 20:17:41

Nice nurse.
21/08/2018 19:44:13


Punggol Sumang LRT

thank you bloom.jpg


Clear Explanation

4/23/2019 19:53:16

Friendly & Courteous

4/24/2019 19:33:37

Friendly doctor whom explained illness in details. Friendly clinical assistant whom explain medication in details.
4/24/2019 20:44:08

smiley nurse

4/18/2019 20:59:09

I was served by Ms Rina. Excellent service. Thumb up.
5/2/2019 20:31:42


Nice and friendly environment. Thanks.

5/24/2019 10:45:44