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A healthy body is definitely crucial for one’s well- being. Regular health screening allows for the early detection of any health problems you may be facing later. Timely preventive and corrective measures can then be taken. 

As we age, our body goes through many changes and identifying issues early can make all the difference. 


At Etern Medical, we offer a comprehensive range or health screening packages to cater to your personal needs.  

Please refer to health screen package brochure below for more information.

Health Screening Packages

HS-A: $78

Laboratory Analysis

  • Full Cholesterol Profile               (胆固醇)

  • Fasting Sugar                                (糖尿病)

  • Gout Screening                            (尿酸)

  • Urine Analysis (Kidney Screen) (肾检查, 尿液)

  • Single-Test Liver Screen             (肝检查)


Doctor's Appointment

HS-B: $168

Laboratory Analysis

  • Full Blood Count                                 (红血,白血检查)

  • Inflammatory Markers                      (发炎指数)

  • Cardiac Risk Marker                           (心脏风险指数)

  • Full Cholesterol Profile                      (胆固醇)

  • Fasting Sugar                                       (糖尿病)

  • Gout Screening                                   (尿酸)

  • Kidney Function                                  (肾检查)

  • Urine Analysis                                     (尿液)

  • Urine micro-protein                           (尿微量白蛋白)

  • Full Liver Function                              (肝检查)

  • Thyroid Screen                                    (甲状腺)

  • 2 Tumour Markers - Liver & Colon  (肝癌和结肠癌)

  • Hepatitis A & B screen                       (A和B型肝炎)

  • Stool Study for Colon Cancer           (粪便检验)


Male $348, Female $378

Laboratory Analysis

  • Full Blood Count                                         (红血,白血检查)

  • Inflammatory Markers                              (发炎指数)

  • Cardiac Risk Marker                                   (心脏风险指数)

  • Full Cholesterol Profile                              (胆固醇)

  • Fasting Sugar                                               (糖尿病)

  • Gout Screening                                           (尿酸)

  • Kidney Function                                          (肾检查)

  • Urine Analysis                                             (尿液)

  • Urine micro-protein                                   (尿微量白蛋白)

  • Full Liver Function                                      (肝检查)

  • Thyroid Screen                                            (甲状腺)

  • 2 Tumour Markers - Liver & Colon          (肝癌和结肠癌)

  • Hepatitis A & B screen                               (A和B型肝炎)

  • Stool Study for Colon Cancer                    (粪便检验)

  • Stomach infection (Helicobacter Pylori) (慢性胃病)

  • Sexual Hormone                                          (性激素)

  • Hepatitis A & B & C screen                        (A,B,C 型肝炎)

  • All available Tumour Markers                   (肿瘤指数)

    • Nose Cancer        (鼻癌)

    • Colon                    (结肠癌)

    • Liver                      (肝癌)

    • Breast (women) (乳癌)

    • Ovary (women)  (卵巢癌)

    • Prostate (men)   (前列腺癌)

    • Pancreas              (胰腺癌)

Doctor Using Digital Tablet
Chart & Stethoscope


Male $570 Female $600

General Assessment

  • Medical History

  • Review of Results

  • Blood Pressure Measurement

  • Height & Weight Measurement

Laboratory Analysis

  • Full Blood Count                                         (红血,白血检查)

  • Inflammatory Markers                              (发炎指数)

  • Cardiac Risk Marker                                   (心脏风险指数)

  • Full Cholesterol Profile                              (胆固醇)

  • Fasting Sugar                                               (糖尿病)

  • Gout Screening                                           (尿酸)

  • Kidney Function                                          (肾检查)

  • Urine Analysis                                             (尿液)

  • Urine micro-protein                                   (尿微量白蛋白)

  • Full Liver Function                                      (肝检查)

  • Thyroid Screen                                            (甲状腺)

  • Stomach infection (Helicobacter Pylori) (慢性胃病)

  • Sexual Hormone                                         (性激素)

  • Hepatitis A & B & C screen                       (A,B,C 型肝炎)

  • All available Tumour Markers                  (肿瘤指数)

    • Nose Cancer                             (鼻癌)

    • Colon                                         (结肠癌)

    • Liver                                           (肝癌)

    • Prostate (men)                         (前列腺癌)                     

    • Ovary (women)                        (卵巢癌)               

    • Breast (women)                        (乳癌)

    • Pancreas                                    (胰腺癌)

    • Stool Study for Colon Cancer (粪便检验)

  • Anaemia profile

    • Ferritin, VitB12, Folic

    • (贫血,铁蛋白)

    • (Fatigue, Tiredness)

  • Bone Joint Function

  • Vitamin D profile                                          (维生素D)

  • Tonometry for Eye Pressure 

    • (眼压仪)

    • (Glaucoma screen)

  • Peak Flow Meter   

    • (峰值流量计)   

    • (lung function)

  • Resting ECG                                                  (静息心电图)

HS-D (Enhanced): $420

General Assessment

  • Medical History

  • Review of Results

  • Blood Pressure Measurement

  • Height & Weight Measurement

  • Diet Screening Questionnaire


Laboratory Analysis

  • Full Blood Count                                         (红血,白血检查)

  • Inflammatory Markers                                 (发炎指数)

  • Cardiac Risk Marker                                      (心脏风险指数)

  • Full Cholesterol Profile                                 (胆固醇)

  • Fasting Sugar                                                 (糖尿病)

  • Gout Screening                                              (尿酸)

  • Kidney Function                                             (肾检查)

  • Urine Analysis                                                (尿液)

  • Urine micro-protein                                      (尿微量白蛋白)

  • Full Liver Function                                         (肝检查)

  • Thyroid Screen                                               (甲状腺)

  • 2 Tumour Markers - Liver & Colon              (肝癌和结肠癌)

  • Hepatitis A & B screen                                   (A和B型肝炎)

  • Stool Study for Colon Cancer                        (粪便检验)

  • Anaemia profile                                               (贫血,铁蛋白)

    • Ferritin, VitB12, Folic    

    • (Fatigue, Tiredness)

  • Body Composition Analysis (Fat Analyzer)  (身体成分分析)

  • ECG (Electrocardiogram)                                (心电图检查)

  • Lung Function Test (PF)                                  (肺功能检查)

  • Schirmer Test (Dry Eyes Screening)              (泪液分泌试验)

  • Visual Acuity                                                     (视力测验)

  • Pedal Edema Screen (Fluid retention)        (指压性足部水肿)

Recommended Add-On Tests

  • Cardiac Enzyme Profile                               (心脏酶谱)

  • Vitamin D Screening                                  (维生素D 和镁筛查)

  • Zinc & Copper (RoyalB) Screening      (锌和铜 (RoyalB) 筛查)

  • Sodium Intake Screening                          (盐间筛选)

Doctor with Files
Optional Add-On Tests
Other Types of Screening

In addition to our standard packages, we also have other types of many screening that is most suited to your individual screening needs. Depending on age, gender and risk profile, individuals can add on various tests to address any medical concerns they may have. 


  • Abnormal Hb (FBC)

  • Cancer Screening

  • Cholesterol & Glucose screen

  • Fatty Liver Screen

  • Flu Bronchitis screen

  • Heart Function Screen

  • Lung Function Analysis

  • Pap Smear Screening

  • Testosterone Screen

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency


You may wish to consult our doctor for more details.


Note: As most medical test and services, it is not always possible to detect 100% of all diseases and abnormalities.


Please bring along your NRIC or work permit when you turn up for your screening appointment.



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