Health Screening C - Women


This service does not include pre-screening doctor’s consultation, post-screening review, radiology and physical assessment. It includes vital signs measurement such as Height and Weight Measurement, Blood Pressure and Oximeter reading.

This screening package includes the following test items:

  • Full Blood Count
  • Inflammatory Markers
  • Cardiac Risk Marker
  • Full Cholesterol
  • Fasting Sugar
  • Gout Screening
  • Kidney Function
  • Urine Analysis
  • Urine micro-protein
  • Full Liver Function
  • Thyroid Screen
  • 2 Tumour Markers - Liver & Colon
  • Hepatitis A & B screen
  • Stool Study for Colon Cancer
  • Stomach infection (Helicobacter Pylori)
  • Sexual Hormone
  • Hepatitis A & B & C screen
  • All available Tumour Markers:
    • Nose Cancer
    • Colon
    • Liver
    • Breast
    • Ovary
    • Pancreas


Upon purchase and payment received, we will email you a receipt stating the package price and description that you can use to redeem your package.

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