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Chemical Peel. 

What is Chemical Peeling? 

Chemical peeling is a procedure used to rejuvenate photo aged or acne skin. It is helpful for the following skin conditions:
1. Superficial acne scars, blackheads and white heads.
2. Superficial fine wrinkles
3. Superficial skin pigmentations like solar lentigenes, freckles and melasma
After the peel, the outer superficial layer of skin is removed; the skin is brighten and rejuvenated.

What is Chemical Peeling? 

It is a very simple procedure which takes about 20 to 30 minutes. The skin is thoroughly cleansed first before the application of the solution acid. You will feel a hot and stinging sensation for about 5 to 10 minutes. Once the stinging sensation has worn off, your skin may feel a little tight. Within the next 5 to 7 days, you skin will starts to peel off.

Who can have Chemical Peel?

Almost everyone regardless of age can benefit from chemical peeling. It is very safe and generally no down time. Those who have acne scars and uneven pigmentation will see improvement after a few sessions. Basically, the outer layers of dead skin cells exfoliate and are replaced by younger, tighter, smoother, glowing and radiant looking skin. The overall result will be seen after 7 days.

After the procedure, some of the post advices:

1. Use of gentle skin cleanser and moisturizer. Avoid the use of soap.
2. Apply post peel cream as instructed.
3. Allow the skin to peel off naturally. Do not scratch and peel off the scabs.
4. Avoid the sun immediately after the procedure. Apply sunscreen every day.
5. It is strongly recommended to prevent further photo damage and new skin is more susceptible to sun damage.
7. It is recommended to avoid your usual cosmetic creams for first few days after the procedure.

Any Complications ?

Side effects are very mild. Some people may experience a little redness or mild breakouts during the first few days. Some of the effects are:
1. Pigmentary changes especially deep peels and more common in darker skin colour.
2. Low risk of scarring in deep peels.
3. Infection
4. Allergic contact dermatitis

Can Chemical Peeling remove deep scars and deep pigmentation?

Chemical peeling cannot remove deep scars, deep wrinkles and deep pigmentation. Laser surgery, botox or fillers may be required.
Your doctor will assess your skin and decide which type of chemical solutions to be used for the procedure.

At Etern Medical, our doctors use the following types of Peels for our patients.

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