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Tele-ART | Etern Medical


Remote Supervised ART

Do Your ART Test At Home

Required to get your ART results before travelling overseas or for an event?


But no time to head to a clinic?


Skip the queue and get your ART test done in the comfort of your home.

Tele-Antigen Rapid Test (Tele-ART)

Skip the queues and get your ART swab test done with us in the comfort of your home via video consultation.


Etern Medical offers Tele-ART for Pre-Events or Travels. Our Supervisor will guide you through the whole process from preparation to the end result. 

Our Operating hours are from 9AM to 5PM on Monday to Friday.

Get Your Tele-ART Done

Pre-Event & Nightlife Activities


Pre-Departure Testing


Tele-ART services are suitable for

Pre-Event ART
Pre-Event Testing

Results are valid for 24 hours.

Pre Departure ART
Pre-Departure Testing

Ensure that the country of travel accepts Remote Supervised ART. Do take note of your required testing windows.

Night Life ART
Nightlife Activity Testing

Get your results within 30 minutes to enjoy your nightlife instantly.

How to book our Supervised Tele-ART