Traveller Vaccines


For frequent traveller, we have budget travel package specially designed for you. This includes meningococcal vaccinations, typhoid vaccinations, Hepatitis A and B vaccinations etc.


The following are the common vaccines recommended for different countries.


  • Hepatitis A and B vaccination

  • Japanese encephalitis

  • Malaria prophylaxis

  • Meningococcal vaccination

  • Typhoid vaccination (MOH Certified)

  • Yellow Fever Vaccination 

  • Seasonal flu vaccination (Quad strains)


Punggol MRT and The Seletar Mall branches are MOH designated Yellow Fever vaccination centre which is approved by World Health Organisation (WHO) with the accompanying international certificate.

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Sleeping Baby

Baby Vaccination Program

At Etern Medical, we offer three different baby vaccination packages for the patient's needs.

Our patient is able to pay for the vaccination program through their CDA account (baby bonus) or via Medisave fund. Medisave are claimable up to $500 per account holder annually.


Some privileges offered for our vaccination prepaid packages signup.


  • Complimentary SMS appointment reminder

  • Priority queue system with shorter waiting time (3rd from queue)

  • Printout of immunisations report is free of charge

  • Discounted rate for purchase of Braun Thermoscan during the first month upon signup

  • Discounted rate for ear piercing services for kid @ 3-6 months


We provide customization of vaccination package with minimum $600.

Recommended best seller supplement for age 1 years old and above – Immunped or Sambucol to boost up immune system 

Click here for Etern Childhood Vaccination (Comprehensive) Brochure

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Adult Vaccination

  • Boosterix Vaccination (for 100 day cough)

  • Cervical Cancer Vaccinations (HPV Vaccinations)

  • Chicken-Pox Vaccination (Medisave claimable)

  • Ladies Rubella Vaccinations

  • Pneumococcal (Medisave claimable)

  • Seasonal Flu Vaccination (Quad strains)

  • Shingles Vaccinations

  • Tetanus Vaccinations

  • Typhoid Vaccinations

Please note that potential side effect might occur depending on individual’s body condition.


Singaporean will be able to use up to $500 of their Medisave per account, or his/her immediate family members, which include your spouse, children and parents for the vaccinations. Medisave rule applies. You can use your Medisave for some of the approved vaccines under the National Adult Immunisation Schedule (NAIS) if you are aged 18 and above.  

Click here for vaccination type and it's purposes.

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Click here for Pre-Pregnancy Protection Vaccines Brochure

Click here for Respiratory Protection Vaccines (RPV-1) Brochure

Click here for Respiratory Protection Vaccines (RPV-2) Brochure

Drug and Syringe

Corporate Vaccinations Programme

At Etern Medical, we offer onsite flu vaccination services to our corporate clients. Our trained medical staff will schedule and visit your premise to conduct a mass vaccination based on mutually agreed date and time, to ensure that the programme is carried out productively and effectively.  You may contact us for a quotation.

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