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Express Blood Service | Etern Medical

Express Blood Service

Fuss-Free Experience Blood Samples

Waiting Too Long For Your Blood Samples Taken?

We offer Express Blood Services at our clinics.


  • Certified Phlebotomists

  • Fuss-Free Experience

  • Shorter Waiting Time

Express Blood Taking Service is available at our clinics. We have certified phlebotomist specially arranged to make it a fuss-free experience for you without seeing our doctor unless a consultation with the doctor is needed.

Skip the queue and shorten your waiting time. Our experience phlebotomist is here at your service.


Our range of express services:


  • Express Maid/Work Permit Checkup

  • Express HIV Test

  • Express Lab Test ordered by doctor

  • Express Blood Tests

  • Express Screen For Life

  • Express Blood Sugar Level Test

  • Express Health Screening

  • Express Diagnostic Test

Other Services 

Maid Checkup (6ME)

Maid Checkup

Time for your helper's 6-monthly medical checkup?


Etern Medical have certified phlebotomists and doctors to make your checkup a fuss-free experience.

Healthier SG (Coming Soon)

Healthier SG & Forward SG

Enroll into Healthier SG with us to build a better, and healthier you.

Health Screenings

Health Screenings

We offer a comprehensive range of Health Screening Packages and Add-on Tests that caters to your needs.

  • Fasting Health Screening

  • Non-Fasting Health Screening

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