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Etern's Video Consultation

Skip the queue! Reach out to us and call us. Connect with us at your convenience.

Video Consultation is available at all Etern Medical Clinics during consultation hours for non-emergency consultation. You can connect with us at a convenient time and video call us after making an appointment. 

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Call us/Book Online

Call us or book an appointment online and fill up a triage screening form to see if you are suitable for teleconsultation.


Receive Confirmation

Receive confirmation from our nurses who will guide you along the process and get your NRIC/FIN card ready for identity verification.


Pay the Consultation Fee

Pay for the consultation fee and we will connect you with our doctor. After the consultation, our doctor will formulate a treatment plan for you. 


Pay for medication & delivery charges

If you need medication, it can be collected from our clinic or delivered to you. Surcharges apply for Sentosa and Tuas areas. 


MC, receipt and medicine will be delivered to you on the same day. Our rider will need to verify your NRIC or clinic code before passing you the parcel. 

Get medication and rest well

To determine whether you are suitable for tele-consultation, please complete the online triage form and submit for our assessment.  


Travel advice & Medicine

Follow Up Consultation

Family Planning & Contraception


Common Skin Rashes

Menstrual Pain & Cramps

Stable Chronic Conditions

Review of Lab Test Results

Stomachache & Diarrhoea

Mild Cough & Colds

Supplements & Health Aids

Repeat Common Medication


Monday - Friday 

from $25.00

Saturday, Sunday & PH

Long Consultation Fee 

(applies after 15 minutes)

Long Consultation Fee 

(applies after 30 minutes)

from $30.00

from $40.00

$10/5 minutes

- The prices listed exclude GST. 

- The use of Insurance, corporate card holders and government schemes (CHAS, MBS,PHPC) is as per terms and conditions and it's respective scheme charges.

- For CHAS and Medisave Chronic patients, payment is available after CHAS subsidy. Limit of Consultation applies to 2 consultations per year.


Conditions not suitable for Video Consultation

Generally, patients who require emergency medical attention are not suitable for video-consultation services. Examples like:

- Acute or severe chest pain 

- Active bleeding, deep wounds or lacerations 

- Breathlessness 

- Convulsions or seizures

- Fainting spells, presyncope, or syncope 

- Injuries with suspected fractures or dislocations present as severe pain, open wounds, deformity, severe bruising or swelling, loss of sensation, and limb weakness

- Persistent Vomiting 

- Severe abdominal pain 

- Severe headache or giddiness 

- Sudden onset numbness, weakness or slurred speech 

- Sudden loss of vision 


The limitations of Video-Consultation

Video-Consult is not the optimal form of medical consult as it only allows a visual examination of patients and lacks the physical examination and investigation part of assessing a patient. As such it is limited to simple conditions that do not need a physical examination or further testing for management. 

- Patients who are not getting better after medication should consult again or visit a clinic for a detailed consultation. 

- Medical Certificate issuance is limited to 1 day of MC. Extension of MC, the patient must come to clinic personally for review. (PHPC scheme for ARI symptoms is 3-5 days MC required by law to comply under infectious disease act)

- Age limit for video consultation is limited to 16 years old and above. Age 16 and below, need to be accompanied by an adult age 21 years and above.

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