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Men and Women Health

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe with Men & Women Health

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

When it comes to our health, whether men or women, prevention is still better than cure.


Don’t hold up seeing a doctor as there could be underlying conditions that could be detected earlier.

Men Health

There are health conditions that only affect men, such as prostate cancer and low testosterone.

Many of the major health risks that men face - like colon cancer or heart disease - can be prevented and treated with early diagnosis.

Screening tests can identify diseases early when they are easier to treat. It's important to get the screening tests you need.

Men Health

​​​The following are the common conditions that affect men:

  • Andropause (male menopause)

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Hair Loss Medication

  • Prostate care

  • Urinary Problems

  • Sexual Enhancement

  • STD Protection & HIV Screening

Other Services 
Health Screenings

We offer a comprehensive range of Health Screening Packages and Add-on Tests that caters to your needs.

  • Fasting Health Screening

  • Non-Fasting Health Screening

Healthier SG & Forward SG

Benefits for enrollees:

  1. Free First Health Plan Consultation

  2. Free Nationally-Recommended Screenings & Vaccinations

  3. Higher Subsidized Medications similar to Polyclinics Prices

  4. Co-payment waived for Medisave

Weight Management

Strive for your weight goals and live a healthier lifestyle.


Bring your loved ones along and achieve it together.

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