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We offer a range of COVID-19 services that will cater to your needs.


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Antigen Rapid Test

Antigen Rapid Test (ART) or Private Event Testing is available daily at any of our Etern Medical Clinics at $20.00 per test.  The test is valid for not more than 24 hours before the end of the event. ART is a self-paid test and does not qualify for government subsidies if you do not have ARI symptoms. It takes about 15 minutes. 

Pre-Departure Travelling Antigen Rapid Test is at $25.00, with notarised digital health certificate generated for Departure. Travellers are responsible to know their own requirements for the VTL countries they are travelling to, and allocated sufficient time to undergo the test and receive your results in order to meet the requirements of your transiting airport or travel destination. 

Tele-ART is available for anyone who wishes to do their Private-Event Testing or Pre-Departure Testing and get their results without having to leave the house. This service is available from 9.00AM to 5.00PM on Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays). Click here to find out more.

*Price is subjected to GST and price may be subjected to change from time to time depending on the new travelling requirements.

ART Testing Window

Testing Window

The test is done no more than 24 hours before the end of the event. If your event is from 9am to 6pm tomorrow, you are required to turn up for test at our clinics after 6pm the day before.


The results will be prepared for you after 30 minutes and it is only valid for 24 hours from date and time of the test.

Booking an Appointment

We can perform the test on a walk-in basis.  If you prefer to have an appointment, you can call the respective clinic branch or book the appointment online at our website.  If you turn up late, we will not be held liable for any issues arising your missing of your allocated appointment time. 

On the day of appointment,

Please bring along your proof of identity (NRIC/FIN/Passport) for the appointment.

Collection of Results

The ART test kit typically takes 15 mins to complete. If your ART result is negative,  you are able to see the valid test certificate from health hub and it is typically valid for 24 hours.

If your ART result is positive, you will require to isolate yourself for 72 hours at home or perform a confirmatory PCR swab test which can be conducted at our clinic premises. As the turnaround time for the PCR swab test is 24 to 48 hours, we will not be able to provide certification for attendance at the event. 

Please stay at home and reduce contact with other individuals prior to the release of the PCR swab test results.  Please note that ART is not a substitute for PCR tests for patients presenting with Acute Respiratory Infections. (ARI)

Other Services 
Health Screenings

We offer a comprehensive range of Health Screening Packages and Add-on Tests that caters to your needs.

  • Fasting Health Screening

  • Non-Fasting Health Screening

Healthier SG & Forward SG

Benefits for enrollees:

  1. Free First Health Plan Consultation

  2. Free Nationally-Recommended Screenings & Vaccinations

  3. Higher Subsidized Medications similar to Polyclinics Prices

  4. Co-payment waived for Medisave


Safeguard you and your family against diseases, we have packages for

  • Travel

  • Children

  • Adult Vaccinations

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