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Eye Test | Etern Medical

Eye Health

Your eyes are the windows to your souls.
Therefore, it is important to take care of your eyes.

Common Conditions for Eyes
Common Eye Conditions

If you encounter any of the following conditions;

Our team can provide comprehensive eye screening to evaluate your vision and check for eye diseases.

Tonometry Test | Etern Medical

Eye Pressure Test (Tonometry Test)

A tonometry test measures the amount of pressure it takes to flatten a portion of your cornea. These readings will help the doctor to diagnose and keep track of glaucoma. 

Dry Eyes (Schirmer Test) 

A Schirmer test is to assess dry eyes syndrome and it determines whether the eyes produce enough tears to keep it moist. If you are producing excessive tears or too few tears, our doctor will evaluate the potential underlying cause of this condition.

Schirmer Test | Etern Medical
Visual Acuity Check | Etern Medical

Eyesight Test

(Visual Acuity Check) 

A Visual Acuity test will tell you how well you see at near and far distances.

Colour Vision Test

A colour vision test is to measure your ability to tell the difference among colours. If you are unable to pass this test, you may have poor colour vision or colour blind.

Color Vision Test | Etern Medical
Cornea Test (Fluoret) | Etern Medical

Cornea Test (Fluoret)

Fluoret is a test done to check the scratches at the surface of your eye.


All the eye tests are comfortable! 

Contact us to arrange an appointment for a comprehensive eye check now!

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