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What is Healthier SG?

Healthier SG is a long-term strategy from Ministry of Health (MOH) to empower Singapore residents to be healthier and improving the quality of life. By 2030, it is estimated that one in four will be 65 years or older. With age comes an increased risk of illness and chronic diseases - which have been rising steadily over time - creating a huge physical, emotional and economic strain on individuals and families. It is essential to regularly check in with our doctors to track your health in order to ensure a healthy and happy life.

What is Healthier SG? | Etern Medical
Benefits of Healthier SG | Etern Medical
Benefits of Healthier SG
Singapore Citizens & Permanent Residents
  • Enjoy a Free First Health Plan Consultation.

  • Personalised health plan developed by our doctors.

  • Get 3,000 Healthpoints (~$20 NTUC Vouchers) through the Healthy 365 app, upon completing your health plan.

  • Have access to more community activities through the Healthy 365 app.

  • Co-payment waived for Medisave Chronic Medications.*

Singapore Citizens​
  • Enjoy free nationally-recommended screenings and vaccinations.

  • Highly subsidies Medications.*

*Starts on 2024

Your Healthier SG Journey with Us

1. Take Part in Healthier SG

  • Receive an SMS from MOH to register.*

  • Open your HealthHub app.

  • Choose Etern Medical Clinic.

  • Schedule your first visit with us.

Pre-enrolment will start in 1 May 2023 for people aged 40 and above with chronic condition(s).

*SMS invitation only applies for National Enrolment starting from 5 July 2023 for people aged 60 and above.


2. First Health Plan Consultation

  • Share your health goals and medical history with our doctors.

  • Our doctors will develop your very own personalized long-term health plan and goals with you.


3. Get Your 3,000 Healthpoints

  • After your First Health Plan Consultation with our doctor, you will receive your 3,000 Healthpoints through the Healthy 365 app.

  • You can redeem it for NTUC Vouchers worth $20.


4. Your Savings

Singapore Citizens​
  • Enjoy free nationally-recommended screenings & vaccinations

  • Higher subsidized chronic medications*

Singapore Citizens & Permanent Residents
  • No Cash Co-payment for Medisave Chronic Medications.

*Starts on 2024

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