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Maid Checkup | Etern Medical

Maid Checkup (6ME)

6ME Medical Examination

FDW Medical Examination

Time for your helper's 6-monthly medical checkup (6ME)?


Etern Medical will make your medical checkup a fuss-free experience.


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What To Bring For The Medical Checkup?
Work Permit Card or Passport
Work Permit Card / Passport
Medical Form
Medical Form

Etern Medical provides screening for Syphilis (VDRL), Urine Pregnancy Test, HIV Test, and Malaria Parasite Test.

Our clinic will conduct a general assessment such as height, weight, BMI, blood pressurevisual acuity, and physical assessment before the blood taking.

*If Chest X-Ray is required, we will refer the patient to our partnered radiology centres.

6ME Screening
Result Submission & Report Collection

Once the 6ME medical form is filled up, our nurses will iSubmit the medical form to MOM.

Once the results are submitted, the employers will receive a SMS notification from our clinic to receive the physical copy.

Other Services 
Health Screenings

We offer a comprehensive range of Health Screening Packages and Add-on Tests that caters to your needs.

  • Fasting Health Screening

  • Non-Fasting Health Screening

Healthier SG & Forward SG

Benefits for enrollees:

  1. Free First Health Plan Consultation

  2. Free Nationally-Recommended Screenings & Vaccinations

  3. Higher Subsidized Medications similar to Polyclinics Prices

  4. Co-payment waived for Medisave


Safeguard you and your family against diseases, we have packages for

  • Travel

  • Children

  • Adult Vaccinations

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