Pediatric and Child

At Etern Medical, we provide a range of general consultation services for children of all ages as follows:


  • General Childhood illness such as fever, cough, sore-throat, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, skin rashes, hand foot mouth disease, chicken pox and other respiratory illnesses.

  • Developmental Assessment and Monitoring to chart the milestones growth

  • Growth and Nutrition, Dietary Advice and Sleep and Behavioural Problem

  • Childhood Vaccination Program such as 5-in-1,6-in-1 and pneumococcal vaccination

  • Health Screening for Children

  • Food Allergies, Asthma Care, Skin Allergies, Rashes and Ecezma

For vaccinations, it will be necessary to bring along the child's past immunisation record or their health booklet.